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Mar 10, 2015
For many, the thought of working with interpreters may seem an overwhelming task, and, at times, having to deal with interpreters might seem like a problem. Rest assured that I will work with you to provide solutions, and guidance if needed. My many years of interpreting experience enables me to predict virtually any possible situation that comes up when dealing with Chinese speaking people. With that knowledge, we can preemptively solve problems before they even occur. We’re not a big company, so we have the flexibility to adjust our services to meet your needs.

 Feb 17, 2015
My Lucy the Counterfeiter in Paris Moment:
Once at a pre-conference cocktail party, I was interpreting a Chinese delegate’s conversation with various guests from many countries. We came across a Russian delegate. They were very interested in talking to each other, but I did not know any Russian. Since it’s not a formal meeting, interpreters were scattered throughout the big room assisting their respective delegates. When I finally found a Russian interpreter, we stood around in a semi-circle, starting to relay our delegates’ conversation. The standing positions can easily be illustrated with this simple equation: Russian Delegate -> Russian Interpreter -> Chinese Interpreter (me) -> Chinese Delegate. For about 30 minutes, the conversation was carried on back and forth in this formation, ending with a happy Russian song sung together by the Chinese delegate and Russian delegate!

Jan 21, 2015
Hi, This is Allie reporting. Interpreting is my passion. It is extremely gratifying to see people enabled to communicate with our assistance. For me, the most riveting elements of being an interpreter come from meeting people from around the world, visiting different cities and countries, and experiencing different cultures. I am a champion of helping people remove those unnecessary surface appearances with my interpreting skill and turn any meeting into a truly global meeting.